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What happens in a Body Psychotherapy session?



The sessions can look like regular therapy where we sit and chat about things that you would like to explore.  Sessions can also involve playing with movement, gestalt work, dance, breath and touch (if mutually agreed and appropriate). Generally we try to gently bring awareness to what is happening now in your body as you speak.  We can explore how you are in the here and now and try and hear the stories of your body.  This can often bring up memories and experiences from the past and these can be expressed, heard and released.  I follow where your journey takes you and provide company as you explore your inner world and process.  Most important is building a sense of safety in the room from which we can feel comfortable to explore more deeply over time. 

I offer a short initial meeting of 20-30 minutes so we can meet, both ask questions and for you to share a bit about what's going on for you and see how we might work together.  Following this, if we decide to work together, sessions can be weekly or fortnightly and I suggest committing  to a block of 4-6 sessions to get a feel for the work. 

50 minutes  £60
1 hour and 20 minutes  £80
1 hour and 50 minutes  £100


“I have really loved the space where we connect, often with laughter.  You bring a lovely quality of playfulness that feels meaningful and useful.

You taught me so much about boundaries, inner and outer, which I found so easy to ignore in myself. 

You felt deeply caring and curious and knew how to enquire with sensitivity and carefully attuned searching.


“You have a real gentleness about you as a therapist, something that worked very well with me and enabled me to go deep into my stuff.  I also felt that you were really present.

You have taught me how to connect with the very young parts of myself with love and taking time to welcome them.  I always felt safe with you.”


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