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Lindi Dick

BSc (Hons) Psychology

I qualified in 2018 as a Body Psychotherapist at the Entelia Institute.  My main training was with Silke Ziehl, a wonderful teacher to whom i am very grateful for her deep presence and wisdom.   The training was in Process orientated Deep Bodywork, a psychotherapeutic modality that combines Reichian bodywork with relational therapy.  It led to a specialisation in Jack Painter's Postural Integration which includes Gestalt work, movement and body reading.  

I have done further trainings: 

Embodied-relational therapy (1 year training) with Nick Totton

Embodied psychopathology (1 year training) at Integrative Mind-Body Therapy Training (IMT) with Dr Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar.

Post Graduate Certificate in Humanistic Counselling, University of South Wales.  

I trained in Pulsing, a transformational bodywork and have a Diploma in Acupressure massage from the European Shiatsu School

I have also done numerous other short courses including in Dance, movement therapy, art therapy, Jungian drama and dream work, Wild therapy, Shamanic healing and I have completed a training with Cruse Bereavement Care.  All of these inform my work. 

I have a passion for meditation and particularly love being with others on silent retreats in nature which allows me to explore being more embodied, open and connected to nature.  I hope that this can be helpful in the sessions, as i have a deep awareness of my own process and am attentive and curious about what is happening in our embodied experience, even when it feels difficult and can sometimes be wordless.  I also like to walk in nature and love free form dance and have found Chakra Dance, Dance of Awareness and 5 rhythms powerful aids in working therapeutically and engaging my whole body in flowing and balancing energy.  

I have worked as a nurse since 2010. 

I am supporting a training in Bodylistening at Brighton School forEmbodied therapy.

I am a candidate member of European Association of Body Psychotherapists (EABP) and follow their ethical code.


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