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Explore, Feel, Express, Connect, Integrate

Hello! My name is Lindi and I am a relational Body Psychotherapist working in Brighton, East Sussex.  I offer one to one sessions in Body Psychotherapy.    

I aim to provide a safe space where you can explore your experiences creatively and give time and attention to your body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Body Psychotherapy offers a range of ways to explore what it means to be human and embodied, in relationship. 
My psychotherapeutic approach is integrative.  It combines embodied psychodynamic understanding of how our current situations can relate to early childhood experiences, relational therapy and body awareness.  It also includes process work following what's happening in the here and now, which can include gestalt work, work with movement, breath and contact.  I work relationally and have an interest and curiosity in the therapeutic relationship and how gently bringing this into awareness can give meaningful insights about the themes and issues in a client's life.
I bring a caring, gentle presence to the sessions and enjoy finding playfulness and humour in the work.

"The body is not only physical and biological, it is also a body with feelings, with a mind (a "bodymind"), with intentions, with spirit.  Moreover, this body is always a body in relationship, arising out of relationship, formed by relationship and forming relationships.  No body lives and exists alone.  The body is multi-faceted, multi-layered, meaningful and feelingful and soulful. This is a body which talks (to itself and other bodies) with words, with gestures and movements, with waves of energy, with changes in temperature, in colour, in smell, in heartbeat, in breathing, in the willingness or unwillingness to open, with thoughts and intentions and feelings.  All these often nonverbal and often unconscious processes go on continuously in the body and between bodies in relationship.

"Silke Ziehl, 2014   

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